Nov 12

The Poetry of Felix Koch and Photographing the Poem Opening

  • Hoffner Lodge


Cincinnati Museum Center, Word Play and Chase Public collaborate on FotoFocus exhibition showcasing the photography of Felix J. Koch as part of the FotoFocus Biennial 2016. The exhibition, The Poetry of Felix J. Koch, is a collaborative creative writing project between Word Play, Chase Public and CMC. The exhibition opens October 14 at the Hoffner Lodge Gallery in Northside. 

The Poetry of Felix J. Koch will also feature an exhibition within the exhibition called “Photographing the Poem,” curated by Kip Eagen. Four teens from Word Play composed three stanza poems that local photographers will be challenged to visually interpret in three images.


1:00 pm13:00


  • 1658 Herald Avenue Cincinnati, OH, 45207 United States

Re-imagine invites local photographers into visual territories not yet explored, to re-examine images previously taken, perhaps years ago, and asks the questions: would you take the same approach today? Have new equipment, experiences, technology, or perhaps a more mature perspective lead you down a different visual path? Imagine the possibilities! Funkadelic band leader George Clinton said, “Free your mind and your ass will follow.” When we explore new ideas, we free ourselves from past constrictions and look beyond our comfort zone.

Jan 15

What's She Sees Exhibition

  • YWCA Women's Art Gallery

What She Sees features the work of three local women artists. From spontaneous photojournalism to more elusive images, these artists all focus on storytelling from behind the lens. Maureen France is a documentary photographer, whose work has been exhibited in nearly 100 national and international exhibitions. She is represented in museum collections including Eastman Kodak, the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Library of Congress. Her work captures the beauty of real people in public places. Samantha Grier is a photojournalist who focuses on reporting daily life in a way that is honest, accurate and technically adept. Among several media outlets, she has worked forThe Cincinnati PostThe Cincinnati Enquirer and WCPO. Mary Strubbe is a freelance photographer who creates intuitively, letting the photographic process determine the themes and patterns of her images. She alters her subject matter, her framing or her perspective at times to portray the intangible.

Oct 31

Global Focus Exhibition

  • XU Art Gallery

“A man’s feet must be planted in his country but his eyes should survey the world.” These words by philosopher and writer George Santayana suggest the importance of remaining rooted in patriotism while at the same time opening one’s eyes and mind to the diverse culture that exists outside of nation-drawn borders. Global Focus features work by local photographers that portray cultures outside of the United States. The represented artists traveled outside of their everyday experiences in search of the perfect light or composition.  While the artists remained undeniably bound by this country, as photographers they exhibit urgings for foreign patterns, textures, faces and colors in Global Focus